Ways To Start An Online Business

Ways To Start An Online Business

Ways To Start An Online Business

So, you finally decided to dive into doing an online business. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, don’t fret. Here are a few simple steps on how to get your business started. 


Know Your Market

Before starting a business, get to know your competition or who you’re up against. Try to be an online customer to get to know what makes a worthy and happy transaction. 


Develop Your Product

With many products saturating online, competition is getting stiff in terms of price and quality. You either have to develop something unique or lower your price to be able to gain some traction online. Offer something that no other seller can or do your homework in terms of looking for suppliers. 


Setup Social Media Accounts

Now that you have a product to sell, it’s time to offer it to others. The easiest way is to offer your product on your Facebook personal accounts where friends and family can share. You can also post on Facebook Marketplace and post to different buy and sell forums.

Instagram is also a great way to advertise what you have to sell. The correct use of hashtags can broaden your customer base even if you aren’t friends. It’s also important to place your contact information and how to order on your main page or description box where your potential customer can readily see it. Be accessible via Viber or Whatsapp as well. 

Putting the price on each photo caption also helps a lot. This way, potential customers can readily place orders without having to ask for the price. 


Payment Modes

Although online business is the top trend right now, not many Filipinos have credit cards. Hence, doing it the Amazon way where you have to pay everything via a credit card is not possible. 

If you’d rather not opt to offer a Cash on Delivery option for your customers, you may offer Gcash option or accept payment online via bank transfers. This is also a safe way to practice contactless payments.



Gone are the days where we have to go to an actual LBC or JRS outlet to ship out our items. For orders within Metro Manila, choosing a rider is the most popular option. It’s affordable, fast and convenient for both the seller and customer.



After a successful transaction, do not forget to thank your customer. If you can afford it, you can include a small freebie as a token of thanks when you deliver your customer’s order. The best form of advertising is still word of mouth. It would greatly add to your credibility if your customer can leave a favorable review for you to post so potential customers can see. 


Happy Selling!


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