Top 15 Firefighter Slangs and Commands

Top 15 Firefighter Slangs and Commands

Top 15 Firefighter Slangs and Commands

Part of LPGMA’s mission is to educate Filipinos on all kids of safety measures and topping the list is fire safety. The organization works closely with firefighters and did you ever wonder what it’s like to be a firefighter? 

And just like any other professions, firefighters have their own terms, commands or slang. To give you an idea, here are some common words used by firefighters:


All companies working

Everyone is busy and may need more help if needed.



Crime of intentionally setting fire to a property. Countries have varied punishments to those who are found guilty.


Auto-extended fire

The fire has spread out of an opening or to another space. 


Available Flow

The amount of water supply available to put out the fire. 


BA Set

Breathing Apparatus Set that includes a face mask and an oxygen cylinder.



Fire depletes available air due to caused heat and heavy smoke accumulating inside a closed space. When air comes in again, it causes a combustion.



A term meaning ambulance.


Charged hose

A ready-to-use hose that is filled with water and pressurized.



Stands for Emergency medical service


Pre-arrival instructions

The person called a dispatcher is tasked with giving directions to the caller until emergency help arrives.


Running Call 

A call ‘Shout’ with persons reported


Sides A, B, C, and D: 

Used to label multiple sides of a building. Side A or Alpha is the front of the structure and working its way around the outside of the structure in a clockwise direction.



Incident command where responding resources arrive for assignment to another sector. 



Command to lay out and connect the firehose and nozzle.


Under Control

The fire is under control. 


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