Road Safety Tips for Small Vehicle Riders

Road Safety Tips for Small Vehicle Riders

Road Safety Tips for Small Vehicle Riders

For those of you who weave around the city in a bike, motorcycle, e-scooters, or even skateboards, being infected with Covid-19 may be a low risk but we must not ignore the fact that riding carelessly can pose road risks as well. Hence, here are some tips to make sure of your safety at all times.


Protective Gear

Many take protective gears for granted. It may be bothersome to wear a helmet, gloves, or knee and elbow pads but these gears are created for a very good reason. Making sure you wear the correct gear can save your life during accidents.


Correct Lanes

Just because you are riding a small vehicle doesn’t mean it’s a license for you to carelessly swerve and weave through traffic. Riding alongside cars and buses poses the risk of you being sideswiped or sandwiched in between. If you need to get to a destination, leave the house early to avoid rushing through the traffic. Make sure to always stay in your lane as well.


Traffic Signs

This is another thing we take for granted. We’ve heard countless stories and tragic accidents due to someone beating the stoplight or ignoring road signs. Respecting and abiding by traffic rules are things that should never be violated.



Like cars and bigger modes of transportation, make sure your small vehicle is in tiptop shape. The last thing you want is brake failure or a wheel coming off while you are on the road. If it’s not hitting or getting hit by a bus or car, running over a pedestrian is likewise a risk if you fail to maintain the condition of your small vehicle.



Just because the thing you are driving is small, doesn’t mean you can park it anywhere you like. There are designated parking spots for small vehicles. Make an effort to park it right and secure it in such a way that it does not become a road hazard.


Bottomline, little efforts can make a big difference. If we are disciplined on the road, not only will it help regulate traffic flow but it lowers the risk of accidents as well.