The introduction of the family as an incorporated (but indissoluble) aspect of LPG/MA’s thrust is a vital component in the quest to make the organization relevant. LPG/MA’s core contention to represent the people in Congress must therefore be anchored in the felt need to protect the welfare of the family, which is the end user of every LPG sold and transacted in the country.

Family is always at the center for nation building. In order to create a strong nation, families should be fundamentally strong and well-taken-care-of. This is the reason why various institutions and organizations develop programs that help enhance the Filipino family.

Community Building Program for the FIRST PILLAR:

  • 1. Tie-up with the Department of Interior and Local Government in hopes of introducing Family Oriented Modules for implementation in particular LGUs.
  • 2. Tie-up with the Municipal and Barangay LGUs in hopes of introducing Family Oriented Modules within the LGUs itself.
  • 3. Coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development for possible rollout replication of their existing poverty reduction programs such as the Pantawid Pamilya Program and the Sustainable Livelihood Program under the Convergence Strategy of its Poverty Reduction Bureau.


The inclusion to take on the mandate to promote EDUCATION, through multifaceted initiatives, is a necessary step towards making the LPGMA relevant. This promotion of EDUCATION will ensure that the advocacies of the LPGMA are projected to a larger scale and implemented to a greater number of audiences. Far more critically, the promotion of EDUCATION, apart from its role in ensuring the future of our country, also shall ensure that the noble advocacies of the LPGMA are carried on until the future.

Scholarship Program for the SECOND PILLAR:

LPGMA shall continue its scholarship provision to deserving incoming college students. It shall be called ISKOLAR NG LPG/MA.

What we will do differently? Instead of blindly selecting recipients – at least on their economic status – the scholarship program shall be limited and will only be extended to prospective students from the lowest income bracket. It will now be more stringent in terms of economic qualifications.

Formula: Minimum Grade Average Requirement + No Failing Grade + Economic Status = Scholarship Grant

But more than being a scholarship grant which is passive in nature, we shall make way for the establishment of a scholars’ guild to empower the scholars to be involved (kabahagi), enterprising (madiskarte), and one with the other scholars (kabalikat). The paradigm shift from being just a grantor of scholarship incentives to forming a scholars’ association is in order.


It is said that 99.6% of Filipino entrepreneurs belong to the microsmall and medium enterprises (MSMEs) segment. While Filipino entrepreneurs pursue business to introduce and offer value-adding products and services, a very large percentage engages in business for subsistence. MSMEs particularly venture into business for additional earning for their family.

As an alternative to employment, LPGMA will recommend livelihood and entrepreneurship programs for beneficiaries. It would like to encourage pursuance of a credit facility for beneficiaries that aspire to start their own small/backyard businesses.

To help them with their business ventures, LPG/MA shall seek partnership with the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (Go Negosyo), the non-governmental organization that promotes entrepreneurship among Filipinos. A Negosyo Seminar (NEGOSEM) Basic could be conducted for the purpose.

Proposed Entrepreneurship Program for the THIRD PILLAR:
NEGOSEM Basics is an introductory training for aspiring entrepreneurs and a good refresher seminar for the practicing entrepreneurs. The topics that are to be covered are the following:

  • Developing the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Spotting business opportunities
  • Product development
  • Marketing overview

Aside from the credit facility in place and the trainings to help prepare them in their entrepreneurial venture, GoNegosyo can also be the source of business mentors for the benefit of the community.

A separate meeting may be held in view of drafting, reviewing and implementing GoNegosyo seminars, as well as scheduling all seminars to targeted audiences and beneficiaries.


The continuity of donations of medicines and ambulances guaranteeing its own measurable impact. Likewise, Life encourages continuing donations for big government-funded medical institutions such as the Philippine Heart Center and the Philippine General Hospital and the likes.

Moreover, LPG/MA should have its own Mobile Clinic to benefit various communities particularly in depressed areas in the country. This way, health checkups and consultations could be made accessible to the people who otherwise do not have ready access for those kinds of medical services. A health caravan can be conducted for the purpose of visiting one community after the other – continuing LPG/MA’s regular medical and dental missions and mass health feeding programs to public elementary schools, but this time, in a much larger scale to benefit more people and to engage more partners.