LPGMA on How To Start Your Own Feeding Program

LPGMA on How To Start Your Own Feeding Program

LPGMA on How To Start Your Own Feeding Program

The coronavirus pandemic has posed a lot of challenges especially among the less fortunate.  Most have lost their livelihood and that means putting food on the table three times a day is now a bigger challenge to hurdle.

Determining Your Budget

Take note that a feeding program is different from food donations. A feeding program’s main mission is to provide nourishment to the malnourished members of society. Hence, you must make sure the food you are providing is healthy and contains the basic nutrients.

Personal Effort

Making your own packed meals at home and distributing it to the less fortunate members of your community is a great way to start. Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment when you encourage your family members to help you with something that will benefit those in need. 

Soliciting Funds

It wouldn’t hurt to ask relatives and friends for some monetary donation to support your cause once you decide to implement your feeding program more than once. Small donations can go a long way and you’d be surprised how many people are willing to help despite the ongoing pandemic. Posting on social media may help you look for donors as well.

Barangay Coordination

Once your feeding program gets bigger, your barangay can provide you with some assistance on how to distribute it better. They may allow you to use your local basketball court or an open space for free. This way, distributing food packs can be more organized and help implement social distancing. 

Invite Volunteers

Your barangay will be more than willing to provide some manpower assistance during your feeding program.  However, inviting family, friends and compassionate strangers to volunteer their time and effort to participate will make your program run efficiently.

Establishing Committees

It helps if you have a core group to run your feeding program which can run weekly or monthly, depending on your solicited budget. Set committees to divide tasks such as finance, marketing, logistics, kitchen and purchasing. 

Looking Ahead

Once your program expands, don’t be afraid to approach your local mayor or governor. You can explore merging your program with the city government’s plan to fight hunger within their area of jurisdiction to reach more local citizens.

There are many ways to launch a feeding program, yet it takes effort to sustain one. Above all, remember that some major factors of making it work is being transparent, persistent and resilient. 


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