LPGMA on How To Start A Donation Drive

LPGMA on How To Start A Donation Drive

LPGMA: Here’s How To Start A Donation Drive

In these trying times where businesses closed and people losing jobs, one can’t help but empathize with those greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. While we can’t solve the situation overnight, we can explore a few ways on how to help those in need in our own small way. And one of them is starting a donation drive.

Starting Small
When we hear donation drive, we often think that it would take a herculean effort to launch. An initial step is to start small by focusing first on the needs of your immediate community.

Identify The Need
What is it that needs to be addressed the most? Whether it be food, clothing, face masks, PPEs or some means of livelihood, focus your drive’s mission to one thing especially when you’re starting small. Included of course is identifying who your beneficiary is.

Family and Friends
Invite family and friends to be part of your donation drive. Initially working with people you know makes it easier to communicate and implement your goals.

Delegate Tasks
Once you have a team in place, divide tasks to organize your operations. Committees can be divided into solicitation, marketing, finance, distribution and purchasing.  This way, any donation solicited from private citizens or corporations can be properly accounted for.

Getting The Word Out
The power of digital media is huge. Don’t be afraid to use it. Your marketing person should at least be capable enough to know the basics of creating accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These platforms will help get the word out about your donation drive and how people can help your cause.

Some donation drives are unfortunately shady and that makes people hesitant to help. Set up a bank account where people can deposit monetary donations. Have your marketing team post an account update every week to show people how much your drive has solicited, how much you have spent to buy donation needs and where you have donated the items purchased. Include in your marketing posts photos or videos wherein the recipient received your donation.

Give Thanks
Don’t forget to thank your sponsors and volunteers who have given their time and effort helping your cause. Hopefully, your donation drive would serve as an initiative to inspire others to do their own donation drive and help many others in need as well.


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