LPGMA on Gas Cylinder Safety

LPGMA on Gas Cylinder Safety

Gas Cylinder Safety

When dealing with flammable materials such as LPG gasul, one has to be extra careful in handling the materials. It comes with great responsibility to maintain it well to ensure nothing dangerous happens.

In this website, we continuously seek curated information on anything and everything about LPG. After all, safety can only be achieved when one is well-informed. 

Here’s another excellent reading resource on gas cylinder safety by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. 

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 

To give a brief background, IITB was established in 1958. The institution located in Mumbai came to fruition due to foreign assistance from UNESCO and the Soviet Union. It was labeled as ‘Institutes of National Importance’ by the Parliament in 1961.

Fastforward today, IITB grew to become one of the world’s top technical universities. Offering various technical and research programs, IITB done a lot of research with regards to total gas management and important aspects of the oil and gas industry.

They have published a very informative manual on Gas Cylinder Safety with can be downloaded through the link below.


SOURCE: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

DOWNLOAD: Gas Cylinder Safety