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March 22, 2016

The Tall Order

Contrary to Justice Antonio Carpio’s assertion that Sen. Grace Poe, as a foundling, is a naturalized Filipino, former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban said Poe is considered a natural-born citizen under “generally accepted principles of international law, which form part of the law of the land.”
I believe, however, that the former Chief Justice seems to have lost and ‘forgotten the provisions of the Philippine Constitution.’ Why apply international law when the Basic Law of the Land which is the Philippine Constitution is in full force and in effect? It is only when the Philippine Constitution is not clear on the matter, such as foundlings, which is not so, should international law be used as reference and applied.
Any layman like me, Bai Lets and other Pinoy coffee-addicts at Tim Horton Bathurst Finchurts Plaza would understand this. Only those who do not wish to understand the law and who has some other personal motives would do what the former chief justice is doing. He is just showing and proving his political color. Ang linaw-linaw ng ating batas, dinudumihan ng ilang amuyong.
I am not a lawyer, and I can’t think and talk as one, pero, pag ganyan namang kasimple ang isyu, eh kahit na si Juan Tamad tutulugan lang yan at dina hihintayin pang malaglag desisyon ng SET na magsasabing Sen. Grace Poe is not a natural born Filipino citizen but, like what Justice Carpio asserted, is a naturalized Filipino citizen. Plain and simple, di ba mga kasangga sa buong planeta?
Here, please read this opinion of LPG-MA Rep. Arnel Ty, a House deputy minority leader, who said Sen. Poe should explain to Filipinos why she previously decided to apply for and obtain US citizenship, when she could have easily lived, worked and raised a family in the United States without giving up her Filipino citizenship. “Since Senator Poe is now running for President... she has to deal with the reality that she has put herself and her family under a microscope.”
Tama si Rep. Ty. We Filipino voters deserve a straightforward answer from Sen. Poe, on the question as to the specific circumstances that compelled her to seek and acquire US citizenship, and surrender her Filipino citizenship. This is a perfectly legitimate question that is of great public interest.

Sen. Poe continued using her American passport in her travels abroad, even after she had renounced her US citizenship. And by her own account, Sen. Poe spent much of her adult life in the US and became an American citizen in 2001. She gave up her US citizenship only in 2010, before she was named by Pres. Noynoy Aquino as chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. While Poe has relinquished her US citizenship, her husband remains an American citizen. Their three children are natural-born American citizens.
Only natural-born citizens are qualified to be president, vice president, senator, congressman or Supreme Court justice. If Sen. Poe is found NOT to be a natural- born citizen, she would be removed from her office as senator and barred from running for the presidency. If elected, however, she would be prohibited from serving her mandate, retired CJ Artemio V. Panganiban also said. Yon lang po.
I always say FPJ is my favorite Pinoy showbiz star since I was a child. Second choice ko lagi si Dolphy at third si Rudy Fernandez. Patay na lahat sila at wala ng papalit sa mga tronong iniwan nila sa aking puso. When FPJ ran for the presidency in 2004, nag- alit ako sa mga amuyong sa paligid niya na nag-udyok sa aking Idolo na lumahok sa pulitika!
FPJ is a clean and straightforward human being who does not need any governmental position to help the poor and the needy. Nakikita ko yon nuon kapag ini-invite niya kaming mga sportswriters sa FPJ Compound sa Banawe St. QC after his horses win in the San Lazaro racetracks, magaan siyang magbigay ‘balato’ sa maraming ‘lumalapit’ at humihingi ng tulong pinansiyal na naka-pila sa labas ng FPJ compound. Kaya’t lalo akong humanga sa taong ito. Sayang. Buhay pa sana Idolo ko....Kung hindi lang ibinuyong pumasok sa pulitika ng kanyang mga eraps at dabarkads!!!
And now, her adoptive daughter is yelling to the four corners of the Philippine archipelago that she wants to continue what FPJ has started? What did FPJ start that Grace wants to follow? A movie career? Helping the poor and the needy? Become President of the Land?
Baloney! She could not be an icon in showbiz like FPJ. Does she have the means to give financial help to the poor and the needy? And remember, FPJ did not succeed as a politician.
Ano ngayon ang sinasabi ni Grace na susundan niya ang inumpisahan ni FPJ?
Sabi pa nga nuon ng Mommy Susan Roces niya ke GMA, “Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw!” Sen. Poe lied twice when she filed her resume when appointed by PNoy as chairman of the MRTC by stating she was the daughter of couple FPJ and Susan Roces, and, she also wrote the same when she filed her COC when she run and won the 2013 polls. She did not say she was an adopted daughter of the iconic showbiz couple.
Now, who would vote for a lying, ambitious, former American citizen as president of the Republic of the Philippines? NOT ME. order

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