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March 18, 2015


Almost two years after the explosion at a condominium unit at thepost Serendra Two in Bonifacio Global City that killed three people, the House committees onEnergy and Trade and Industry are jointly endorsing the approval of the proposed LPG IndustryRegulation and Safety Act. The proposed legislation is aimed at ensuring the safe importation,storage, refilling, distribution, transportation, etc. of liquefied petroleum gas that’s being used notonly for cooking but also as fuel for LPG-converted taxis and vehicles.According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, accidental LPG discharges are the leading cause offires. Investigation on the May 2013 Serendra blast pointed to a gas leak as the cause of themassive explosion that blasted several condo units apart, and sent a huge chunk of concrete wallflying, nearly landing on a parked delivery truck. The high-end condo units were fitted with apiped-in gas system for their LPG requirements instead of the usual gas cylinders that poorerfolks use, but something must have gone wrong with the pipes, hence, the leak that resulted inthe explosion.Party list  Representative Arnel Ty,  a  leading sponsor of the bill,  noted the loss of lives andproperty everytime fires occur as a result of accidental LPG blasts not only in residential areasbut even in commercial and industrial ones. Last year, three workers were killed and two otherswere maimed when an LPG storage tank at an unlicensed refilling station in Bantay, Ilocos Surexploded.

With the LPG bill, high standards and compliance will be ensured as LPG dealers, suppliers andcompanies that  install  underground pipelines  will  have  to  obtain a  certificate  of  complianceissued by the Department of Energy. Hopefully,  this will help weed out the sloppy practicesamong LPG dealers and prevent the proliferation of abusive, fraudulent and unsafe LPG refillingcenters and traders, Ty said.The  measure  likewise  regulates  the  manufacture,  requalification,  exchange,  swapping  orimprovement of LPG cylinders, and provides adequate strategies to guarantee that every tankcoming out of a refilling plant had been subjected to stringent security checks. All of us haveseen those dilapidated, rusty looking LPG tanks that unscrupulous refillers still use but hopefully,we will soon see the last of them if the bill is enacted and the DTI will complement it with strictpunitive measures for those found violating.Speaking of violations, the DoE and the Department of Justice should go after opportunists whohave increased the price of LPG and other petroleum products.  An increase of 50 cents perkilogram means an additional undue profit of P5.50 per 11-kg cylinder so multiply that by thethousands and you get a hefty number--and there seems to be nothing that the poor consumerscan do about these Shylocks and shysters.

More K-Pop trouble

Our March 13, 2015 item on concert promoter Alfredo “Doc” Delos Santos who is now facing acase of estafa and for which a warrant of arrest has been issued generated reactions from Koreanpop (K-Pop) fans who expressed apprehension that the negative news could rub off on otherconcert  producers/promoters  who  have  been  hard  at  work  in  bringing  K-Pop  acts  here  inresponse to the great clamor of fans and wannabe popsters who couldn’t get enough of Exo,2PM, Super Junior, 2NE1 (with Sandara Park), Girls’ Generation, etc.

An email sender admitted being glad to read the article about “Doc,” saying someone ought toput him in his place, emphasizing that no one should be above the law. Still another wrote HappyHour to say that the very successful Super Junior concert (SuperShow 5) in Manila last October2013 was handled by another group, and not by the All Access outfit of Delos Santos.The show that Doc Delos Santos and All Access organized was the Dream K-Pop Fantasy whichwas held last  February  14,  the  email  sender  corrected,  obviously  a  K-Pop fan  who  is  veryknowledgeable on the Korean acts that have been brought to Manila. We can only imagine theheadache  that  the  promoter  for  the  October  2013  show  must  have  suffered  knowing  theconfusion that was caused because Delos Santos was also promoting the same Korean pop artistsfor a February 2014 concert, even while the October 2013 concert has yet to be held. See, evenHappy Hour was confused. Which reminds us, where in the world is Doc delos Santos now?


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