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October 7, 2014

RADIO DZRH: Gov’t impending power-generator lease sets bar for corruption

The government’s plan to lease generator sets to ease up the impending energy crisis in 2015 is prone to corruption.


This was stated by LPGMA Rep. Arnel Ty as the Aquino government plans to rent generator sets to make up for the six hundred megawatt shortage of supply in electricity in Luzon during the summer of 2015.


Ty added that the choosing of a foreign supplier for the Six Billion peso worth of generators and hundreds of millions of pesos’ worth of contracts for the oil to be used may be the cause for graft in the government.


Because of this, Ty said that the procurement process should be with integrity and fair.


Prior to this, the Department of Energy has been looking into entering in an emergency lease agreement with a foreign supplier as soon as Congress allows Malacanang to acquire additional generating capacity.   (with DZRH Leth Narciso-Abinales)

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