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April 23, 2015

House Wants LPG Safety Bill

The House committees on energy, and trade and industry have jointly recommended the immediate passage of a bill that seeks to protect the interests, welfare and safety of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) consumers.
The two panels have endorsed for plenary approval the proposed LPG Industry Regulation and Safety Act, which mandates rigorous standards meant to ensure the safe importation, refining, storage, refilling, distribution, transportation, and consumption of the cooking and auto fuel, House Deputy Minority Leader and LPG-MA Rep. Arnel Ty, one of the authors of the bill, said yesterday.
The Bureau of Fire Protection has ranked accidental LPG discharges as a leading cause of fire disasters.
The bill requires every LPG installation, including centralized underground pipelines, to obtain and renew annually, a standard compliance certificate to be issued by the Department of Energy.
The measure also regulates the manufacture, requalification, exchange, swapping or improvement of LPG cylinders, and provides adequate strategies to guarantee that every tank coming out of a refilling plant has gone through painstaking security checks.
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