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December 22, 2014

BUSINESSMIRROR: 145 I.L.P. participants to free up 603 MW–Ty

At least 145 large companies in Luzon have committed to run their standby generator sets from March to July next year so other consumers will have adequate supply of electricity amid the projected power shortage.

House Deputy Minority Leader and LPG Marketers’ Association Rep. Arnel U. Ty said with 145 firms using their backup generators, some 603 megawatts (MW) of supply from the Luzon grid will be freed and made available for use by smaller businesses and homes.

According to Ty, a senior member of the House Energy Committee, 38 big customers of the Manila Electric Co. and 107 clients of retail-electricity suppliers have voluntarily enlisted in the Interruptible Load Program (ILP) of the Department of Energy of December 12.

Under the ILP, participants with loads of at least 1 MW each – mostly industrial facilities, shopping malls, as well as office and residential skyscrapers – will be asked to disconnect from the grid and run their standby generators once the supply of electricity is expected to fall short of the demand.

The ILP guarantees other consumers – those without any self-generating capacity – ample electricity despite potential supply deficiencies.

“We have very high hopes that the ILP will help address the power-supply short-fall in a big way,” Ty said.

He also expressed confidence that the falling price of oil would encourage more businesses to join the ILP in the weeks ahead.

On September 12 President  Aquino requested Congress for authority to establish additional power-generating capacity to ensure the energy requirements of the country during periods of very tight energy supply as a strategic response to the need for specific, focused and targeted acquisition of additional energy capacities to meet the imminent power shortage in the Luzon grid due to the Malampaya turnaround, increased levels of forced outages of power plants and delays in the commissioning of committed power projects.

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