How to Earn During The Pandemic

How to Earn During The Pandemic

How to Earn During The Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit us a few months back, life has never been the same. Lives were lost, business shut down and as a result, millions of people around the world lost their jobs.

But then life has to go on.  We have families to feed and expenses that rapidly pile up. With travel restrictions still in place and the war against Covid-19 still ongoing, many of us have no choice but to stay home.

Helpless as it may seem, staying home does not mean that our income halts. There are many ways to earn money during a pandemic and here are a few ideas on how you can:


Online Selling

Filipinos love malls but all that drastically changed during the pandemic. From Lazada to Shopee and Facebook to Instagram, people started to sell anything from basic essentials, food to other goods and services.

To figure out what you can sell online, gauge on what you are good at. Make sure you also check out the market so you can price your items, products and services at a competitive price.



Got a knack for writing? Even before the pandemic, some companies have opted for freelance writers who work remotely. To looking for job listings, you can look at Facebook or sites like or Upwork. These sites also allow you to upload your resume to increase your chances of companies looking for freelancers.



If you don’t have a talent for writing but have some technical knowledge, you may want to consider becoming a transcriptionist. Most companies looking for transcriptionists are medical companies, hospitals and engineering-related companies.


Social Media Manager

With everything accessible online, the digital world has become a very powerful medium of communication. If you spend so many hours online, might as well utilize those hours to earn.  Many companies rely heavily on digital marketing and advertising and your social media skills will definitely be an asset.


Online Teaching

Online teaching has been around for years. There may be a pandemic going on but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop learning. Many students are still interested in learning a second language. Sites like are continuously looking for teachers who can teach online.


Delivery Service

If you have a car or motorcycle, you can sign up for Grab or Lalamove as a delivery rider or driver. With many businesses operating from home, most people opt to deliver goods using delivery apps.


There are many more ways to earn during a pandemic. The key is to know your strength and being able to put it to good use.