Girlfriend’s Kitchen: Online Business Feature

Girlfriend’s Kitchen: Online Business Feature

Online Business Feature During Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic caught the world by surprise and rapidly shut down businesses one by one since countries enforced lockdowns. Even big-name brands and companies either had to lay off workers or file for bankruptcy.

Millions have lost their jobs and in the Philippines in particular, many have resorted to online business selling. From selling non-essential items to food, life goes on for many Filipinos. 

LPGMA has always been a staunch advocate for promoting safety in all aspects but focus has always been for the betterment of the Filipinos’ way of life. In the spirit of helping our fellowmen during these trying times, we decided to use this platform to promote local businesses as well.

Let’s face it. Filipinos are foodies and we are drawn to dishes that either remind us of home or of our childhood especially when we are away from home. Hence, we felt lucky enough to find a foodie gem in Girlfriend’s Kitchen.

Online Business Backstory

Based in Las Piñas, Girlfriend’s Kitchen is basically a one-woman show in the person of Nelcy Camba, who was taking up culinary studies at the prestigious Enderun college when the pandemic struck. Since cooking classes were indefinitely suspended, Camba found herself having more time to practice cooking at home. 

” I decided to call my business Girlfriend’s Kitchen because my best friend also loves cooking,” said Camba.

Customer Base

Armed with tested and proven family recipes and some knowledge gained at Enderun, Camba initially started her home catering business via word of mouth. Family and friends posted on social media raving about the food. The word spread fast within a span of two months and Girlfriend’s Kitchen eventually gained a following even among local celebrities. 


Girlfriend’s Kitchen eventually started with comfort food offerings like Tapsilog, Pork Adobo, Embutido, Pancit, Dinuguan, Pork steak and Maja Blanca. Now the menu has expanded to offering more viands, pasta and desserts. 

Among the bestsellers are the Hershey’s Double Layer Choco Cake, Hershey’s Oreo Choco Cake, Choco Banana Bread, GFK Signature Adobo, Lasagna, Jumbo Chicken and many more.

Girlfriend’s Kitchen Banana Bread


Girlfriend’s Kitchen Jumbo Chicken


Girlfriend’s Kitchen Hershey’s Double Layer Choco Cake


Girlfriend’s Kitchen Lasagna


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