The inclusion to take on the mandate to promote EDUCATION, through multifaceted initiatives, is a necessary step towards making the LPGMA relevant. This promotion of EDUCATION will ensure that the advocacies of the LPGMA are projected to a larger scale and implemented to a greater number of audiences. Far more critically, the promotion of EDUCATION, apart from its role in ensuring the future of our country, also shall ensure that the noble advocacies of the LPGMA are carried on until the future.


LPGMA scholarship program

LPGMA shall continue its scholarship provision to deserving incoming college students. It shall be called ISKOLAR NG LPG/MA.

What we will do differently? Instead of blindly selecting recipients – at least on their economic status – the scholarship program shall be limited and will only be extended to prospective students from the lowest income bracket. It will now be more stringent in terms of economic qualifications.

Formula: Minimum Grade Average Requirement + No Failing Grade + Economic Status = Scholarship Grant

But more than being a scholarship grant which is passive in nature, we shall make way for the establishment of a scholars’ guild to empower the scholars to be involved (kabahagi), enterprising (madiskarte), and one with the other scholars (kabalikat). The paradigm shift from being just a grantor of scholarship incentives to forming a scholars’ association is in order.

  • As individuals
    • Self-awareness trainings
    • Leadership skills enhancement
      • Social skills/people skills
      • Communication skills
      • Teamwork and camaraderie
      • Project conceptualization and management
    • As scholars
      • Tutorial/ peer-to-peer academic assistance program
      • Academic counseling and Mentoring – Mentors and academic counselors could come from The Outstanding Students of the Philippines Alumni Community – National Capital Region (TOSPAC – NCR)