Potential Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic

Potential Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic

Potential Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic

Within a short period of time, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made significant changes in people’s lives globally. It caught the world unguarded and we barely had time to cope with the situation.  

But what really are the potential impacts of a pandemic like the one we are experiencing now? Here are three major insights on its effects.


The COVID-19 pandemic already claimed so many lives within a span of a few weeks. The symptoms are rapid and deadly.  

And while there is still no cure, it has forever changed everyone’s personal hygiene habits. Daily essentials now include frequent washing of hands with soap or alcohol and hand sanitizer.  And if we can leave the house before with only our wallet and cellphone, wearing a face mask, face shield and even disposable gloves are now items that we can’t leave home without.

Physical health isn’t the only thing that is compromised. Since majority have to work from home as well as look after and school their children at home, the overwhelming tasks can take a toll on one’s mental health.


Prior to the pandemic, homeschools and online learning were less favored by the majority even if the tuition was cheaper than traditional schools. People generally preferred to let their kids attend physical school and take classes in more often than not, cramped classrooms. 

Now that schools in countries with a high number of cCovid-19 cases are indefinitely closed, parents have no choice but to avail of homeschooling programs for their kids. This poses a bigger problem among low-income families who do not have the monetary resources to buy ipads, laptops or sign up for home internet plans.


If you are lucky enough not to be laid off from work or your company hasn’t closed down, good for you. But for a lot of people who lost their means of livelihood, it poses a big problem. And when businesses stop or investors leave the country, our economy suffers as well.

There are so many unforeseen problems that a pandemic and cause. One can only manage to deal with it day by day and pray that things will be better soon. Only time will tell.


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